Earn A Free Degree

We are currently in the process of writing lectures for the Bachelor of Theology program, but it would be much quicker if we had more people assisting us in this project.

The following are subjects that still need to be written:

  1. New Testament Theology
  2. Biblical Theology
  3. Systematic Theology
  4. Church History
  5. History of Philosophy
  6. Greek
  7. Hebrew
  8. Evangelism and Missions
  9. Discipleship
  10. Preaching and Teaching
  11. Biblical Counseling
  12. Church Leadership
  13. Community Development
  14. Cultural Engagement

If you are passionate about one of these subjects and would like to earn a free master’s degree or doctorate degree by writing a class on these subjects, compare yourself to the requirements below and contact us for an interview. If you qualify, we’ll provide you with guidelines for a syllabus and style of writing.

  1. Are you a regenerated believer in Jesus the Christ?
  2. Are you a member of a church in good standing?
  3. Are you a minister of a local church – be it a teacher, preacher, pastor, etc?
  4. Do you agree with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000?
  5. Have you been trained in your field of interest – be it in a church, a college, a seminary, or a university?
  6. Are you gifted with researching quickly?
  7. Are you gifted with writing in correct grammar, clarity of thought, and enjoyment for the average reader?