Welcome To Forge Theological Seminary

This is the beginning of a new model of theological education and pastoral formation. While we are currently an online seminary, we also hope to provide personal education at a local church campus very soon. Indeed, our hope is for this seminary to become a ministry of many partnering local churches. This is because one of our goals is to start a movement to bring theological education and ministerial formation back to the local church, for we believe church-based theological education is a model clearly found in the pages of the New Testament. We find it to be greatly unfortunate that the church at large has outsourced this responsibility to universities and parachurch seminaries.

While we have designed our seminary to be especially beneficial for pastors, we believe our education would also be beneficial to any minister (or servant) of the local church.

It should be noted that we do not intend to form mere academic scholars for parachurch Bible colleges, seminaries, and universities through this seminary. Instead, we intend to form holistic pastors and pastor-theologians for the local church through this seminary. However, we believe that our programs will also form teachers, deacons, leaders, and various other gifted volunteers for the local church.

You’ll find an affordable model of theological education through this seminary. Our degrees are currently free though limited to a limited number of students at a time. When we become a ministry of a local church and partnering local churches, we hope to offer education to an unlimited amount of students and operate on donations from churches and students. We want to allow students the opportunity to earn two or more degrees from us for lower than the cost of even one degree at a parachurch seminary or university.

You’ll find an accessible model of theological education through this seminary. Anyone who has internet access can work for and earn a degree through our seminary. We don’t desire for students to leave their churches and families to earn a theological education. We want their theological education to bless their churches and their families.

You’ll find a flexible model of theological education through this seminary. We won’t force rigid structures or tight deadlines on any of our students. We want you to learn and work at your own pace, mainly because we want you to be a faithful Christian, spouse, parent, congregant, employee, neighbor, and citizen while you are earning a theological education. This is also because it takes different students different amounts of time to truly learn and adequately complete curricular assignments.

You’ll find a balanced model of theological education through this seminary. We equally emphasize academics and pragmatics at this seminary. This is because both theory and practice are necessary for the Christian life in general, and especially for the life of the pastor in particular. The church needs great conceptual theology and great practical theology. Where one is lacking, chaos eventual abounds.

You’ll find a relational model of theological education through this seminary. Every student will personally interact with the president of this seminary, with a pastor of a local church, and with fellow members of the local church, in accordance with the design of our programs.

You’ll find an ecclesial model of theological education through this seminary. As was previously written, we greatly desire for our seminary to become a ministry of partnering local churches as soon as possible, because we want our theological education to be overseen and provided by local churches. This is because of our Biblical convictions regarding the local church and its role of pastoral formation and theological formulation. We expect every student to be mentored by a pastor of a local church, to intern at a local church, and to be in a small group of a local church. This is because one must be heavily active in the local church to be forged for ministry.


Thank you for visiting Forge Theological Seminary!